advanced Animation Layer tools

Pavel Barnev
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this script provides new possibilities when working with Animation Layers

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Additional Features


copy the file layerEditor.mel to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\maya\<20**>\scripts directory

restart Maya

MAYA version 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,2022,2023


  • Fast merge all layers

(up to 5-10 time faster!!! then Maya standart method)

especially in demand when working with Motion Capture

  • Fast merge selected objects

merges selected objects from all unlocked layers while maintaining the current animation

  • Create Layer from selected timeRange or frameRange

select time or framerange and will create a layer with zero values around the edges

  • Create Layer with range from selected layers

will create a layer with zero edge values taken from the selected layer

  • Increase Layers Weight Range

increase the slider values by -1 to +1, on each press

- Also the additional commands is available to you:

  • anim_layer_util_menue;

- menue with fastSmartBake, SmartExtractToOverride and other tools

  • create_and_select_anim_layer(1);

creates a layer with the ability to choose a way to accumulate rotates (0 or 1) recommend 1 - for minimize problem with Gimbal Lock, 0 - Maya standart animLayer

  • create_anim_layer_from_channelbox_attrib(1);

create animLayer with selected channel in channelBox

  • extract_to_additive_layer();

extract selected object to additive layer relatively current frame or framerange

  • setKeyframe -breakdown 0 -id -itt plateau -ott plateau -dd true -hierarchy none -controlPoints 0 -shape 0;

set 0 layer key

  • select_best_layer();

- select best layer for selected objects

  • select_object_in_selected_layers();

- select all objects contained in selected layers

Our Clients:


Atrifex Mundi

Feedback from users:

A must-have script for those who use layers like me. An irreplaceable tool that simplifies working with them at times. Reduces the number of unnecessary actions (mouse clicks) very much, which is important for the speed of your work. It also adds functionality for working with layer weights. Mandatory to use! ;)

Alexander Magomedov

Lead cinematic animator Saber interactive,

Character Animator at Mortal Shelll project, Cold Symmetry

Senior Animator at Guerrilla Games

Author of the 3D animation course XYZ School


"This script speeds up the work process considerably, gives you more control and management over the layers. Must have!"

Vladimir Yarmolik, freelancer, animator on MortalShell project, Cold Symmetry


"Very cool script, will add to your workflow several irreplaceable buttons and hotkeys, without which it is already impossible to imagine your work. Highly recommend."

Alexander Rudenko, animator, Saber Interactive


Advanced Animation Layer tools speeds up the the process of working with motion capture.

The regular method of merging layers sometimes can take up to 10 minutes. With this tool you can merge layers extremely fast without any crashes.

Stefan Iverson.

-Game Animator

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advanced Animation Layer tools

20 ratings
I want this!