Full motion capture cleanup course for MAYA

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Full motion capture cleanup course for MAYA

Pavel Barnev
25 ratings

Full course of lectures and workshops on motion capture cleanup in the Maya

Внимание! Если вы из России и у вас проблемы с оплатой - пишите мне на почту pavel_barnev2000@mail.ru

Update!!!! English voiceover with the translation of the professional animator added!!!.

- It will speed up your work several times over!

- Greatly improve the quality of the final product!

- 26 hrs of video

- work materials (mocap data + rig + some scripts)

- Approximate learning time 1 - 2 months

- two language (English + Russian)

Requirements for students.

  • Experience of working with mocap and animation (from one year).
  • Experience in game industry is desirable.


Basic scripts for the OverRig animation is not included in the package! If you do not have it, it must be purchased separately!!!


What will you learn from this course?

  • Understand the basic principles of retargeting animation from any character to any rig.
  • Stop being afraid of mocap, and understand that there is no magic in retargeting
  • learn to use the same pipeline when you make a frame-by-frame hand animation as you do when cleaning the mocap
  • learn a revolutionary animation method using OverRig scripts
  • learn how to clean and edit a mocap of any difficulty
  • learn how to work with objects, clothing animation and so on
  • dramatically increase the speed of your work

Course content by parts:

p1. - Retarget the mocap on the rig. The highest quality retargeting method. Tips for getting the best quality animations without using MotionBuilder

p2. - Compiling animations from mocap pieces. Tricks and tips.

p3. - Posing. Working with poses, timings. Smoothing poses. Primary processing. Working with animation layers. Solving technical problems when working with dislocated animation.

p4. - Using animation scripts. Methods and techniques for cleaning hands, legs, episode processing. Solving technical problems using OverRig method.

p5. - Doing the walking cycle, walking on the spot, with offset. Obtaining walking sideways, in a circle. Obtaining a walk at a given speed.

p6. - Making a looped complex waiting animation of several parts.

p7. - Making complex animations. With support on the knee, on the elbow, interaction with external objects. Straight Leg tool script (attached). Solving technical problems with the OverRig method.

p8. - Working with objects. The most effective methods of work with the OverRig method.

p9. - Animation tails, clothing.

p10. - Pair animation, fitting. Solving technical problems with the OverRig method.

Contains zip archives with a total capacity of 20 GB.

Download and extract them to one folder

For viewing it is best to use

any MKV player

Author - Pavel Barnev

if you want to ask something, write me e-mail


reviews of this course

"Pavel’s methods on working on motion capture is pure genius. This is the best course you can find on how to work with local in Maya."

-Stefan Iverson, animator for video games.

"This is a great set of techniques for retargeting and using mocap data which make your pipeline easier and more quality"

- Andrey Abramov animator. Mortall Shell animator

"Best course I've ever seen! Thanks a lot! Next level your workflow :) "

- Alexander Rudenko, Saber Interactive

I want this!

full course of lectures of motion capure cleanup in the Maya

26 hrs of video


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